Day 22 - Nothing :(

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  1. Jayson_Black

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    Dec 27, 2017
    Well, its day 22 and I'm losing hope.

    We still have observed no movement since day 18 (which turned out to be day 17) So we locked them down a day early. Was that bad?

    Anyway, Today is most certainly day 22. I will candle them later to look for internal pip & or Movement/condition of veins etc later today when I add some more water.

    They looked soooo healthy on day 17/18. I don't understand why they would die during lockdown (if they are dead.) I'm well aware of all the many, many, many post and threads in this forums from noobs like my self who not observing movement and are thinking their chicks are dead. But, then they hatch a few days later.

    I have always been concerned our Bator was a tad on the cool side, and have always expected them to be late. So I find myself asking myself why so worried. I guess I feel I should have seen more movement now.

    On day 19 I did a timelapse over about a 6 hour period using a GoPro. That video ended up being 4 mins long. so it showed six hours of Incubator shown in 4 mins?!?!? Know what I mean? I saw ZERO movement in that video. I understand they'll be resting and stuff, but 6 hours with ZERO movement?

    I'd like to Water candle but am afraid to do it this so late in the process. Just in case there is a hairline crack I don't see and I drown the babies. I also worry that placing them in water is parallel with 100% humidity. Actually worse because the weight of the water should assist water seeping through pores in the "Porous" Eggs shell. By that I mean if people say 100% humidity will drown your chicks, why cant 100% Water? even if there are no cracks? I don't get why Water is acceptable but not 100% humidity. I'm not saying it's NOT acceptable, I'm just questioning why it's acceptable.

    Sorry, I get all cynical when I'm in a worried, anxious or bad mood. I Suppose I have to be careful with that. I have discovered many bird species, including poultry can detect your mood. your true feelings, your vibe. I think if you want to be close to your birds you have to give off good vibes, and you cant fake or act those. I'm worried I could give off negative energy to the babies and kill them. >So paranoid. I go a bit Nutty under these kinds of circumstances.

    Anyway, I'll report back tomorrow. I am considering an eggtopsy on day 23 or 24. I dont know. I mean I won't know what to look for. but perhaps I can video/photograph it and present it for critique from the community. I'd realy like to know what went wrong. I have a few suspicions, but they are pretty weak suspicions. Nothing serious and no hard reson to belive it. I am fairly convinced Temps and RH% are fine. But I won't know those for sure untill I do a little more calibration and/or fork out for some serious instrumentation.

    I have one of those Humidity calibration packs coming. But honestly, I think I may just fork out the $$$ and buy something Accurate and reliable. I would have thought a Human Medical Thermometer would be accurate to within just a few points of a degree. I have tested against one of those and it reports the same ~ as the incubator's readout.

    I think on the next Clutch I will insert the temperature and humidity probe from my outdoor wireless weather station. It has the ability to log the temperature, humidity and air pressure (not that we are worried about that last one). That way I can view a history of the environment in a graph. That would be very handy or observing temp or RH% Spikes or troughs.

    We'll Se :-S

    Good Luck All!
  2. Welshies

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    May 8, 2016
    Alberta, Canada
    You need it at abour 99 to 100 degrees Farehneit and 70% humidity.
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  3. diamondsilkies

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    Oct 23, 2017
    Southern Arizona
    I was doing a hatch with a dozen of my own serama eggs, which usually hatch on day 19 or day 20, rarely on day 21. The incubator got unplugged for the whole day 2, which I was extremely worried about. Day 20 came and went without anything at all. One hatched late on day 21 and I was really worried he would be a lone chick, despite them looking healthy when I candled. The rest all hatched on day 22 and 23. 10/10 that had made it to lockdown hatched!

    Since you were worried about it being cooler, I'd give it time. Low temperatures can delay the time by quite a lot. I'd wait a day or two before candling, if I were you. Good luck with your chicks!:fl
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  4. lazy gardener

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Temperature does not mean a thing if your equipment is not calibrated.
  5. UThobbyfarmer

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    May 29, 2013
    Are these shipped eggs? I'm so sorry. It's always difficult to loose chicks. Even in their shells. I'd candle them now to check for internal pipping. Also hold them to your ear and listen for clicking (externally pipping) or peeps.
  6. I am freakin myself. I finally had 3 hatch (I had 2 hatch Monday from a different clutch and lost one due to an umbilical cord infection... I will dab the umbilical cords in diluted iodine on a Qtip from now on) Anyway, its the night of day 21... I have two pipping but not making progress at all and 3 peeping in shells and no external pip. Worried...worried...worried. Could the other three chicks that hatch rolled the eggs over to the other side and now it messed up their positions to hatch???? omg I am worried....
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  7. Jayson_Black

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    Dec 27, 2017
    e so I did candle them today very quickly and it doesnt look to good. at least IMO. Which my opinion is limited given this being our first time incubating.

    1 Egg has almost certainly grown from dy 18 (which ws really day 17). the other 3 not so good. It looks like veins have disolved, and while I cant indentify a ring, it does seem like the matter from the veins is pooling at the bottom. It looks like theres a pool of "Blood like" stuff at the bottom. The chick is NOt filling the egg. Far from it.

    The one egg that still apears to hold hope has grown sooo much. It's grown to the point im finding it worrying. I see nothing to guarantee an internal pip yet. However, I could see what looked like 2 beaks, (So perhaps the chick has its beak open and im seeing the upper and lower beak?!?!?)

    Another worry, it looks like the shoulder or neck is pressing against the air cell. and the chick is filling the entire egg. Its pretty much All dark. But no movement seen. I did not candle it for more than about 10 seconds total. So I couldnt see much in that time.

    We've had a new Hygrometer Arrive today. It is indicating that our Humidity was way low. Possibly around the 50% Region low.

    Its all guessing at this point (untill the calibration pack/salt thing arrives in the post) but I feel 75% confident that we have RH% around 75%. It may be too little too late.

    Hypothetically if I did have RH% Too low, can incresing the RH% to above normal. like 85% for e.g. help? or would that do more harm than good now?

    Thanks for all your replies guys.
  8. Jayson_Black

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    Dec 27, 2017
    UThobbyfarmer nah, They are not shipped. they are just from our pet Chickens :) I think they are Some type of Wyandotte or a Mottled Orphington (I could be way wrong there tho lol).

    We have noshortage of Eggs here at home. But we do want to buy some internet eggs some day to increseour breed types. But we dont want to be doing that until we fully uinderstand what were doing here and not making any beginer mistakes anymroe. Otherwise it would be expensive not to mention potentially cruel.
  9. Jayson_Black

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    Dec 27, 2017
    lazy gardener so true. I feel we have the temperature right now. But the humidity is being very deceptive. I cant wait to calibrate those.
  10. Jayson_Black

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    Dec 27, 2017
    diamondsilkies Thanks for your post. Thats right, if the temperature was on the cool side they can take longer. Any idea how much longer? I dont supose there is a scale/chart by which for every 0.1 degree c you add 4 hours to hatch time (for e.g. hypothetically) ? It would be great if there was such a thing. Is there even like a rule of thumb type formula perhaps?

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