Day 22 of Incubation and float test question


Jan 30, 2015
Good afternoon! I'm doing my first batch of eggs and am on day 22. There are no pips, no movements that I see, no chirping. Read up on this and someone recommended doing the float test. I saw no movement. The eggs did not float, not even where the air sac is. Come someone interpret this for me please? Is sinking good or bad? Before lockdown, there was lots of activity inside the eggs. Incubator running around 100 degrees, humidity around 70%.
Lots of variables play into hatch day, 21 days is just an average for most chicken eggs.

you only float if you candle and know without a doubt there are no internal or external pips, otherwise you can drown the chick.

IF you have no internal/external pip floating them only about 1/8" of the egg will be above the water line.

lastly, what type eggs are they?

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