Day 22; one hasn't pipped but others have hatched?


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I have 12 eggs. One stopped developing a few days ago - so 11 viable. The end of Day 21 was marked as of 10 am yesterday. Today was the end of day 22. Chicks have been hatching since about 2 am with the 9th at 2 pm today.

2 chicks aren't progressing. One internally and externally pipped but the membrane still shows blood vessels when damp. It's been sitting like this for close to a full day. The other has internally pipped. I can hear it vocalize with a quiet chirp up to my ear and I can hear a tapping (pecking or heart beat???)

The one that has externally pipped is easier to keep an eye on. Will the membrane show no vessels at all when its ready to get out?

With the one that internally pipped but not externally, should I give it a external pip hole yet?

I read the page about assisting hatches but still not sure. It seems like this one is very behind its siblings.
So I reread the hatch assist and found my answer re: appearance of blood vessels. But I'm still unsure on what to do with the unpipped egg?

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