day 23 and no joy!!!


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May 21, 2011
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At day 23 but still no joy,just a bit upset .have had a few ups and downs with temp has any one any advice this is my first hatch so still a novice ,how long should i leave them before i call it a day:(
Lots of questions.

How many eggs?
Have you been candling?
How many have shown development?
Any rocking?
Any peeping?
Any pipping?

Before you throw them out, you could take one egg, listen to it closely, candle it, and as a last resort, open it to see what's happening. Based on what you find, you might make a better decision about what to do with the rest.

Good luck.
Not good,last night i floated them and candled only to find 6 eggs had started developing but for some reason had stopped and the embryos were small .Remaining 6 i don,t hold much hope as they are more developed but still don,t fill the egg and its day 24

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