Day 23 and only one chick...

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    I have been incubating 30 eggs due to hatch yesterday. I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on to make sure I do this right. I am using a hova bator incubator with a fan and automatic egg turner. On day 18 I took the egg turner out and put the eggs on lock down. Temps have been at 99-100 degrees the whole time. Humidity stayed at 50-55% the first 18 days and has been ranging 60-70 (mostly 65%) since they have been on lock down. We had one chick hatch on day 20 and have been waiting patiently since. I saw some movement of eggs rocking on day 20 but nothing since. We are ending day 22 now and worried the others will not hatch. Are there any adjustments I should be making? I will need to open the incubator to pull out the lone chick soon to get her into the brooder. Is there anything I should do other than wait?
    Thank you!
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    You can pull the hatched chick out anytime. There is nothing you can do at this time. I would almost put money on the fact the rest will not make it and I would be as willing to go as far to say they drowned. Few people have success at 50-55% humidity for days 1-17 (even though the bators and older material recommend it) because it prevents the egg from loosing enough moisture.
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    If you think there's any possibility at any of them being viable at this point you can candle them. But I think the point of viability has passed.
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