Day 23 and only one pip


7 Years
May 5, 2012
Set 10 eggs may 3rd and discarded 2 at lockdown so 8 are in there now. One finally pipped this morning but nothing else. Any hope for the others this far along? Still air incubator and set at 102 and 70-80 humidity since lockdown
Bear in mind I an aussie so we work in celcius not F but i think your temps are too high. Think if i remember right it's about 99.5F you should have them on. I would lower your humidity a bit to around 65%-70%.
I am sure someone will come along with more accurate temps for you soon.
Your temps are WAY too high. 99.5 to 100* at the most. Spikes are tolerable at the beginning and end of a hatch. Your humidity is far too high as well. At lockdown, it should be around 40-50% at the most. If you are on day 23, I would candle to look for any movement. I am afraid that they are probably not going to make it.
Op said "still air". Isn't the recommended temp at top of the egg for still air is 102 F ?

To Op, give few more days. I have read posts that reporting hatching as late as day 29.
If its not stinking, keep it going.
In a still air it all depends on what level you are measuring the temp. It should be 102 at the top of the eggs. With the thermal layering in the bator the egg temp would be at 99.5 to 100.

As a rule it is said to be 102 for a still air MEASURED AT THE TOP OF THE EGGS.

Good luck and happy hatching.
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