day 24 and no more popcorn popping...

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    Dec 8, 2012
    the final tally: one baby from the really bad set of eggs; 9 good chicks from the second batch (from the 18 and 19 of december)... several with issues: one died born w/o eyes, and wierd legs, one with problem legs has managed to strenghthen on its own and is keeping up as far as development, w/no help from us; one born with legs totally inturned and closed eyelids, died; one with straddle legs and bad eyes, died. the rest of the eggs havent hatched. i will wait til tomorrow but i dont see any pips and i suspect that an;y that will be hatched will be weaklings or defective/ several eggtopsies had empty yokes, will open the others tomorrow.

    now i want to disinfect, so what is best: to soak in chlorine bleach? i dont have anything else around and frankly thats the best for most micororganisms the stuff used in professional chicken coops here is too poisonous for me/

    and now i will look for more eggs.
    i will try to upload in the next day or so pics of five two week old chicks from a school project: they are livng in my living room, and really like to sleep in the dogs' food bowl, as my son pointed out: they know their place in the scheme of things.... will ahve to start preparing a place for the chicks, once they are to large for the brooder/

    its been fun, and keeps me busy while husband is at work (12 hour restaurant shifts so my evenings are lonely/ the chicks add noise and occupation/ i can see an obsession developing...

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