DAY 24, Chicks moving and seem to be pushing on membrane for last 24 hours. PLEASE HELP!!! ((UPDATE:

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    Aug 31, 2011
    My broody is on day 24. She started with 6 but has 2 left.

    Both chicks are moving and seem to be furiously pushing on the membrane when I candle but havent broken through yet. Please help and tell me what I can do for them to help. I dont want them to die from stress/exhaustion ect.

    How can I help these little guys???

    After posting the above I tried to help one but sadly it died. The good news is that the last egg has just broke through the airsack and is pecking on the shell as we speak {type lol}.

    1 out of 6 is not good but better than none and Im keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and its ok!!

    I'll let you know more as she progresses.

    Thanks for your advice and help.
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    Mine were doing this and I helped them, they were shrink wrapped. Helping them is a serious business and you need to get all of your information correct, so do a bit of research online.

    Here's what I did:
    Candled the egg, Saw that the chick was inside airsac and tapping on egg. I broke the egg where its beak was tapping to help it. Now, many say that you shouldn't do this, as when the chick breathes the air in the air sac, there's a build up of CO2 which triggers the chick into twitching and panicking, resulting in the tapping open the egg in order to breathe. The twitching and panicking also helps them fully absorb the yolk sac. Helping them can make them very weak and the yolk sac may not be fully absorbed as it wasn't in mine.

    However, if you want to help, then tap open the shell where the beak is underneath. Try not to break membrane. Only create a small hole in the shell and wet the membrane underneath with warm water. The chick should be able to break the membrane to breathe and then continue breaking the shell all around the egg in order to push the shell open.

    However, if another day passes and the chick hasn't progressed to tapping open the shell, it could be shrink wrapped and unable to turn in the egg. Then you must carefully peel back the shell bit by tiny bit. STOPPING AT THE SIGHT OF BLOOD and putting the egg back in the incubator for a while for the vein to dry up. Continuously peel back the shell and the membrane. Continuously wet the membrane with warm water. Then, with the "fat end" of the egg broken away, the chick should do the rest. If they do not, like mine didn't, then help all the way. Beware the yolk sac and umbilical cord. Ill post the video I used to help me do this...

    Also syringe the chick sugared water if the yolk sac wasn't properly absorbed, as it will starve.
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