Day 24 - none hatched :0(

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    I was so excited about eggs that we were incubating from some new hens we aquired. Our 4H leader put them in his cabinet style incubator. He had a batch of RIRs in there too that he was hatching for himself. They all hatched, but mine did not.

    We cracked them open and all were fertile and pretty fully developed. He thought they might have quit on the last day or so. His suggestion was a mineral deficiency. He said to try a mineral packet in their water, and collect another batch after a week or so.

    Hope this works, but still so sad to lose almost a dozen peeps. Anyone else have this happen?
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    Sep 7, 2008
    Doubt that minerals had anything to do with it. Most likely a humidity problem in the incubator. I've had similar results and found out that the humidity was TOO high! I'd bet that the RIR eggs hatched first, and yours a day or two later. The RIR's raised the humidity extremely high at a critical time, when yours required a lot of oxygen, and they were actually drowned in the excess humidity. Just a possibility. Good luck on your next try!
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