day 27 not sounds no nothing!!!


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Is your humidity up? My duck eggs started hatching at day 26 but hatched up to day 30. Many of mine did not move much right before they hatched and the duck membrane is tough to get through. Next time I am going to spray water on the eggs and put the humidity up to 75% to 80% since about half were shrink-wrapped. I did have more than 1/2 hatch with 100% fertility. good luck and give it some time.
Please help!!!!!!

I am on day 27 of incubating my silver appleyard ducks the have not made any churping noises or movments is this bad how long does it take for them to hatch?!?!? This is my first hatching and im flippin out!!
Most european ducks are said to take 28 and im very new to this and i was just scared because everyone talks about how they hatched the 28th day sometime earlier but thanks forthe info!!!
Mine do not always make noises. It's a surprise sometimes to go in & find ducklings. They should hatch on 28 days......but can take a couple of days longer, depending on how your temperatures have ran.

Did you happen to candle before lockdown and see any movement?

I would not worry about them until day 29 or 30.

If you did not candle them before lockdown, do NOT open the incubator and do so now.

ETA:What have your temps been? how is your humidity?
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not sure my computer went all crazy posted stuff every where i have no cluewhat happend
also thanks soo much for the info. We did candel them and they had movement the person had a 90% fertality rate and its acurate we bought 10 and only 1 was infertle and they all lasted till the 25th day. We went to tractor suply and the guy said that you will hear churping and see movment on the 27th day we paniced because nothing seemed to be happening and the guy did not know what to tell us and he said turn down the humidity so we did cross fingers they hatch. Mycats ben houvering and he seems to know when things are going to be happening soo we are hopeing its a good signal!! Thanks again for the info and dealing with my computer miss hap!!!
thanks soo much i have ben haveing computer problems like this and i promise this will not happen in the future... for some reason i posted somehthing and it posted every where sorry again for this

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