Day 28 and Ancona duck eggs not piped

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    Mar 17, 2017
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    Still new to backYard chickens and I realize there are probably many threads that have great information that can help me but I thought I'd try this first and if anyone can point me in the right directions.

    New to incubating, I have a brinsea mini advanced and today is day 28 hatch day for my 6 Ancona duck eggs! All are where they should be candle wise, black with large air sacks. However, no pips. I locked down 2 days to hatch, temp is staying at 99.5 but humidity has been an issue the last few days, spiking from 65-90. I have read so much about drowning that I am so sad to think this may have happened.

    I experienced a power outage for about 6-7 hours about a week ago, so I was wondering if that could cause delay?

    Any advice or help directing me to a relevant thread would be wonderful. I am amazed with the community and experience on here, what an amazing amount of knowledge here!

    Thank you in advance!

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