Day 28 and no pips


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Jul 11, 2013
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Today is the start of day 28 and i have five mixed breeds in the incubator temp at 99.5 and humidity at 73% and not 1 egg has pipped. Is this normal? When will they pip?
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I hav never artificially incubated myself, so I cannot give you answers on humidity or procedures there, sorry! But I have had broody moms hatch out lots of healthy ducklings, and I can tell you that they have hatched starting on I think Day 26 all the way up to Day 33.
I have been reading about confusion about humidity. Are you talking relative or wet bulb? Many first timers, from what I have read (I am not a hatcher) have the humidity too high.

Lacrystol, Charlindabob, yinepu, and I think maybe subhanalah are a few of the hatchers here. There are many and I apologize for not remembering everyone. Marty1876, I think is a hatcher.

There is a call duck hatching thread you might look in on to see if a hatcher is around.

Also there is a sticky on hatching waterfowl. It refers to goose eggs, but applies to ducks as well, I am told.
It some times takes a little bit longer even a day to hatch more than usually if the heat was even half a degree off.

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