Day 28, float test potentially viable + movement - more time?


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Jun 15, 2010
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We have 13 eggs. Yesterday evening we noticed the first shaker. It was still shaking this morning, but not piped yet. Since nothing else appeared to be moving we decided to float test again (second time). We had one sinker at the first float test and the rest looked to be ok. This float test had all of them floating 10-20% up. After the test when I put them back in the incubator I noticed that 4 are now shaking (3 shaking pretty good). But it is day 28.

These were shipped and when she delivered the mail I did hear them thump onto the porch. I'm guessing that the eggs ranged from 4-9 days when I loaded the incubator. When we first got them I was still waiting on delivery of a GQF cabinet (tax refund from tractor write off) so we started in a Little Giant with turner but no fan. The LG fluxed temp a bit, but nothing terribly erratic. Then about 2 weeks in, we finally got delivery and finished setup of the GQF. After it ran a day I moved eggs from the LG to the GQF. They weren't out of heat for even a few minutes (right next to each other). Around day 18 we had a 3-4 hour power outage.

So the question is do I give them a few more days or is it time to pull the plug? I know shipped eggs + late loading + power outage has hurt my chances, but is there any change to even get a couple of chicks? Or am I just risking a smelly egg explosion inside our new incubator.

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