Day 3! And beyond question.

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    Aug 11, 2015
    After much research, I bought 10 fertilized eggs Sunday. Placed them in my incubator. And have been a rotating, water adding, temperature checking mad(wo)man since.

    We candled today (super bright flash light) and much to our surprise all 10 eggs have the tell tale veins and dark spot.

    So what do I expect from here? I assumed about 1/2 would not be viable as that's what I had read. What are the chances all will continue to grow from now until hatch?
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    Many factors contribute to overall hatch rate. You can increase rate by incubating lower humidity and raising it over 70% late day 18 until hatch is over. Basically I'm saying don't add water (or very little surface area of it) first 18 days. The biggest factor is temperature for good hatches. If your temp is off your rate goes down. They can be developing but wont hatch if temp is off by a lot. Say your a degree or more off then your rate goes down and the chicks hatch day or more early or later than day 21.

    If your using a still air then incubate at 101.5 F measured at top of eggs. Fan incubators 99.5 F. Use a medical oral thermometer to calibrate. That is the most accurate measuring device you can get for under $10 and most of us already own them.
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    Were they shipped? If not, 100% development is not unusual. My best with shipped so far was 10/12. Sometimes all will develop but some will quit at hatch, so be prepared for that. So far, it sounds like you are doing things right.

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