Day 3. I want to add several more Pekin it too late


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I want to add sefveral more eggs, but, does that become too tricky at the end when the 3 days of NONTURNING come into effect because they would be on day 24,25,26 instead of 26,27,28... please let me now asap as if you HAVE DONE IT and HAVE GOOD ADVICE, I would love to add them if it would be oK and don't want to if it makes a mess.
Turning is most important in the beginning of the incubation. You need less of it as you get closer to hatching. A staggered hatch is tricky. It's best to have a second machine for hatching.
When I upgraded my incubator - I chose one with with a separate hatching tray specifically for staggered hatching- as I generally hatch each week when incubating it also has an automatic roll turner so the eggs are laying down rather than standing up..

Incorrect turning can result in death of the developing embryo- and at later stages- it is a cause for why many die fully formed in the shell before pipping. It can also be the cause for deformed ducklings. What I have found is that turning is equally important throughout the whole period. I have noticed a huge difference in the way the eggs look when candled when using my newer machine in comparison to when they were hand turned in the old machine. The vein network seems to spread more evenly- and the eggs generally just look better as they are developing. Incorrect turning is one cause for ducklings to be in the wrong position come hatching time- when they are so large in the shell- movement is very difficult- and turning can assist them in being able to move to get into the right position for hatching.

You would be better off adding the extra eggs 5- 6 days later rather than 2 days later- so that you are not having to open the incubator to remove the ducklings- eggs shells and clean up a bit for the next lot hatching during a time when they are in lockdown - but that would also mean that you have to open the incubator to turn the second eggs while the first are in lockdown- Either way you risk a set of the eggs.

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