Day 30.....No Activity..........:(

On chicken eggs, I'd say you have a lot of rotten eggs...

If these are some tother type of eggs let us know.

She'll keep them the right temp or close so the hatch wouldn't be 9 days late (chicken)...

If these are duck eggs it will depend on the breed and type (hybrid with Muscovy?)

Oh and -Welcome to BYC-
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If there chicken eggs, there gonners!

How about you get some day old chicks and substitute them? :idunn
Thank You. They are chicken eggs. I thought maybe she would quit setting (smarter than me) if she knows they won't hatch. I may try to "candle them". We have been soooo excited. My Grandaugthers have been waiting & waiting. If nothing else I will buy a couple of chicks and see if she will accept them. Thank you for your suggestions.

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