day 6 candling question

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    I'm incubating for the first time in my kindergarten classroom - the excitement is unbelievable, and is somehow adding to my stress about all of this! I have 7 eggs in a Brinsea mini advance. (Also 2 wrapped in a blanket that the kids thought would keep them warm, LOL). The woman I got the eggs from was unsure about fertility (but they were free, just the right price!), so I have 2 separate concerns.

    First, aircell size - I'd say on day 6 it's about as big around as a quarter. Does that seem about right? It's been quite dry in my classroom (usually around 28%); I've followed the instructions and kept water in one of the wells. I don't have a hydrometer that fits in the incubator with the eggs, but one well full had it at 39% before I added them.

    Second, I've never candled before today. My light isn't very good, so I didn't see much, but on the 3 lighter eggs, I can see a shadow over about 1/2 the egg, vertically. It's definitely there, when I turn the egg it stays in the same spot. Our eggs we are incubating in the blanket look lighter and more consistent all over, so I'm assuming that means the warm ones are growing? Or am I way off on interpreting what I'm seeing? I'm not seeing any definite veining or singular dark spots, just a general shadow. Not looking to spend any more to get a better candler right now, so I'm just trying to go with what I've got - new batteries in it, though :)

    Thanks it advance for the help!
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    Your air cell sounds about right...

    On day 7 you should see a red 'spider' shaped of veins... The 'shadow' you see is likely just the yolk...


    If you need a cheap candler (albeit awkward) go get a these things, should only cost a few bucks and you probably have some of them already...

    A clay planting pot with a single hole in the bottom, big enough to hold the CFL bulb bellow...

    A 100W equivalent CFL bulb

    A cheap extension cord

    One of these adapters

    Plug the socket adapter into the extension cord and screw in the 100W equivalent CFL bulb, place the clay pot upside down over the bulb and with the lights out put the egg over the hole in the pot...

    Of course you can switch this design up as well, with say a bucket or bowl, and using a thick piece of cardboard or what not with a hole in it to cover the bucket/bowl...

    The 100W equivalent CFL bulb used like this in a dark room will allow you to candle most eggs sufficiently...
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    Here's a great link of candling day by day to compare to:

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