Day 6, would you be able to see something moving?


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Erda, UT
I have one egg that I candled tonight, and I can see veins, but I can also see a little black thing, that came up near the shell. I just let the egg sit there for a moment, and I swear I saw it moving around. Is is possible to see a little chick moving already?
Yep... there's a little chicken nugget in there!
WooHoo!!! I have 13 silky eggs and 10 black/blue cochin eggs. I "think" that 8 of the 13 silkies are growing. I have not really been able to see anything in the cochin eggs, because they are brown. About the only thing I can see is a big dark blob. The silky eggs are cream color and easier to see through. My FIL made us a box with a light inside of it. That is what I have been using to candle with. It works pretty good. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it on here.
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