Day veins, no embryo...what's wrong?

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    If they are xrayed, however, that wont erase the bullseye, which is there when the egg is laid in the nest. I have never been convinced that xraying is the cause of problems with a hatch, even if it is done.
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  2. And I think that was the entire argument. Someone was blaming the x-rays for infertile eggs, and others were arguing that the only boxes that were x-rayd were irregularly shaped boxes (extra lenth, odd shapes, etc.) And then they ended up arguing whether or not the x-rays actually affected fertility.
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    Thanks speckledhen and poulets. [​IMG] I appreciate all of the opinions I am receiving. Basically, what it boils down to, is whether these eggs were fertile to begin with. And I'm sure that both parties involved will remain to see things differently. Since the eggs were not scrambled by the po, since the incubator temp & humidity were maintained, since there's no signs of embryo development or veins at 7 days...I was just searching to learn what reason there is. And from the wonderful people that have already responded to this topic, I think my opinion has been reaffirmed. This site is so wonderful! [​IMG] Everyone is so great about helping one another.
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    Quote:That being said an infertile spot (being much more obvious than a fertile spot) would also be clearly visible even after an x-ray. so if you didn't know to look for that, one can't expect you'd be able to notice the fertile one either. [​IMG]

    **The only way to know if an egg is infertile is to take a close-up look of the infertile spot which should've been clearly visible even if these eggs were x-rayed** No development is not sufficient proof because there are so many other factors which could affect development and it is unfair to automatically assume they are unfertile when you never even checked fertility and I did quite a few times -the week before you bought, the week after (which I emailed you) and this week which I posted earlier on this thread and emailed you.

    Im so sorry about your non-developing eggs, but other eggs I've sold are developing and I have confidence in their fertility. It isn't fair to accuse without any proof to back it up.

    edited to add a comment on x-ray. Babies and fertile women are x-rayed with extreme caution...well everyone is but more so fertile women and babies. There is a reason why women that get ex-rayed wear that armor to cover their female organs. This is because the radiation has been founded to alter the development of an embryo and a womans eggs. My sister-in-law was x-rayed as a baby and now doesn't have any healthy eggs. We strongly believe this is because of the radiation she was exposed to when she was an infant.

    X-ray can be EXTREMELY harmful to a developing fetus or an embryo and also an egg. Im am NOT saying this is what happened just that it IS a contender along with endless other possibilities such as rough handling and artificial incubation issues.

    and Shelley, I said you could send the eggshells back and I would refund you minus cost of actual shipping. This is a lot more than other sellers on here would do so I believe I have done everything I can to resolve this. I will let this thread go no and move on:)
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    I agree there is some mysterious thing that happens to eggs sometimes in the postal system that will make an egg not develop even when fertile. I had one guinea egg customer that claims all the eggs I sent her were not fertile. I was shipping 2 boxes a week, plus hatching them weekly myself. Was getting 90 to 100% myself plus customer reports of good hatches, 90% 50% 70%. There is NO WAY a large group of guineas or chickens or ducks will lay ALL infertile eggs for 3 days then ALL good eggs for three days, it just wouldnt happen, ever. Also I would like to add the photo of the bullseye is great but I am thinking that it is from an egg that has already had at least one day of incubation, so dont expect to see that defined of a bullseye all the time.
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    I truly believe that the P.O. does much damage by dropping, shaking, xraying, or whatever else they can think of doing with a box marked FRAGILE, etc, that causes fertilized eggs to fail to develop at all. I think that is most of what we are seeing with shipped eggs. You just about have to put it in their hands and pray. It's a miracle any ever develop with what I've seen with boxes I've received.
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    When you have candled a number of different hatches you will know that if there are no veins at 7 days odds are they were not fertile in the first place.That has been my experience.
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    Quote:No veins does not always mean they were not simply means they did not start to develop. There can be many reasons, as others have posted, why an egg does not develop.

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    Hey Shelley [​IMG]
    How are the eggs I sent you doing? Im just trying to reassure myself the eggs on this post arent mine [​IMG]

    Mike [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] Hey Mike! Thanks for joining this controversy! [​IMG]
    No, these aren't your eggs. Your eggs, as well as some ameraucana eggs from Pips&Peeps, went into the bator I've got a few days to go before candling them. This was the first batch of eggs that I've ever removed from the bator at day 7. There just were NO signs of development whatsoever, completely clear at candling. In other eggs I've incubated, if I was unsure (which I have been) what was going on inside the egg, I've left them in to at least day 14, sometimes day 18. So relax, Mike. [​IMG]

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