Day 8 into the hatch questions

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by BlaineWillard, Aug 9, 2010.

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    i am day 8 into the hatch. I bought some eggs from a local guy who said they where fertile eggs well only 6 out of 3 dozen are doing any good i trashed the bad ones. I also put in 2 dozen of my eggs and only 3 of them turned out to be bad so far. What should the humidity be at ? It is a air incubator that i built. The current humidity is at 49% and the temp is staying at 99.5. This is my first hatch and first time using a incubator. So i need a little help. Thanks for looking at this post.
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    Your temps and humidity look great! I think you'll just need to up the humidity on day 18 (lockdown) but you'll get *lots* of different opinions on where it should be exactly. Ive read that anything past 55% humidity will drown the chicks, and I've read about people hatching at like 70-80%. So I dont know! I guess it's just trial and error. At least that's how Im approaching it [​IMG]
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    From all that I've read, there seem to be two schools to the humidity debate: dry hatchers and those who like a little more/fixed amounts. The majority of the recommendations I've seen and heard have been to keep the humidity below 55%, but you can let it go into the 30s before adding water. The idea seems to be based upon allowing the egg to "lose weight" over the course of the hatch and allow for the proper amount of air to collect. It looks as though your setting are right on target! Good luck and happy hatching!!!

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