day 8, yolk moving, i can toss them, right?


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5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
just a double check

i'm incubating a bunch of eggs that i doubt are viable. I had one crack and have a stinky mess, so i'm candling them and i'm gonna toss the ones that aren't worth it.

if the yolks are still moving around at day 8, is it safe to say toss them? the shells are pretty dark and i don't see veining.
I would maybe check again at day 10 if you think they are at risk of cracking like the first one. Otherwise I would leave till day 14 just to make sure. It's not unheard of them showing no development at day 7 but being viable at day 14. Hope all goes ok for you and you manage to get the stinky mess cleaned up ok :frow

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