Day five coop build... notes and a question...

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    Okay day five of actually playing with lumber. This is going to be one ugly coop but probably way too late to finish to enter the contest. Laura thought I was nuts before. Now she's shaking her head at me, frequently.

    I don't understand why. I just build, then sketch, (it's hot out there), then build some more. That and as a gimp it's definitely a build at my own pace project. I've scavenged lumber and wood from all over the property. That wire stuff BITES!!! Talk about a hazard. Demolishing the existing walls was sort of fun but frightening. Whoever used that thing before didn't have even rudimentary construction skills. And lots of squealing and running from bugs... Icky.

    The smell I encountered inititially was mold and bad wood, and other ick. Getting rid of all the bad wood and junk soon yielded a much nicer work place. I put wire across an entire wall, so I'd get a lot of ventilation while I worked out exactly what I wanted to do, and since that side borders the back yard, the added bonus of keeping the dogs in the yard. They'll have two permanent runs. One outside our perimeter fence, and another into the back yard. They'll be free range most of the time but we decided on having the extra large run space in case we do have to confine them at some point.

    I made the next shelf /nest boxes extend out of the coop itself. Of all the coop features I've seen, that has always struck me as a really intelligent use of space and ease of handling. It's turned out 6x9 and 6 1/2 feet high, having the nests outside saves a lot of interior space.

    If it weren't for you all I'd surely still be staring at an old hog shed wondering if I'd ever get around to it. I can't begin to explain how helpful you've all been.

    Oh... question, the roosts will run on the left side of the coop. How far apart should the roost be from one another? Rocks and Jersey Giants will share the coop.

    Thanks for being here. Pictures eventually when it's not so messy.

  2. Yoko

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    Aug 10, 2008
    I havent made a coop yet,but by what ive seen, some people do it in their own way, some crisscross them,some put them in stair style like a foot or two away from eachother, so by my geuss it would be up to you and estof how much space you think their going to need, if their are going to be rocks and jersey giants,id go with lik 1foot and a half,or two feet apart,if you think their going to need extra space thats what id do;)
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    Jul 20, 2008
    If your roosts are all on the same level, I would go probably 18" between rows for Giants. Definitely 18" from any wall. If they are offset, you could probably get away with 12" spacing if there is plenty of roost space (10 linear inches per bird). You just don't want one bird pooping on another.
  4. walkswithdog

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    Thanks for the help! I went with step ladder type for half. And same level at the other end of the coop - let them decide which they like.

    Because of the cinder block and having to insulate it the walls would have been about 8 inches deep. Lol, so I changed things up and most of the walls are going to be window - double paned (salvaged glass) and the ones I'm working on all have about a ten inch wide shelf for sitting on looking out.

    The south facing wall, southish, the upper half is screened and wired in. I'm going to make an insulated panel to cover it or raise it depending on the weather, in summer that should really keep the temp down.

    I've been caulking all the old cracks and gaps generated by my use of only spare old lumber and this weirdly unsquare, previously unsound, hog shed. The carpenter bees that live in some of the rafters hate me. They're next. I got all the wasp detritus out on Tues. Ick.

    If it weren't for you all I'd be so totally lost. Many hugs from TN. WWD

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