Day old baby chick labored breathing, constant sleeping please help!!


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6 Years
Dec 28, 2013
I have a chick that hatched last night and was placed in the incubator this morning. Everything was fine, it was sleeping and peeped at the others occasionally. Until about an hour ago I noticed it was breathing heavier and hasnt been up to explore like the others. I checked again (still sleeping) and its breathing through its mouth with a slight clicking sound occasionally then it spasmed a couple of times and peeped really loud. Its still breathing heavier now and fell back asleep. Does anyone know whats wrong? is there anything i can do to help it??
the poor thing died in my hands about 10 minutes ago. I went to bury it and did one last check, it was pasty butt. I had checked a few minutes before it looked labored. I cant believe I forgot.
Beginners mistake

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