Day old chick dunked into waterer, shaking head, sneezing, wiping beak everywhere


6 Years
Apr 6, 2014
So my silkie chick fell face first into sugar water. She chirped really loudly like she was in pain (maybe some sugar water got in her eye? she started scratching her head immediately) and then she started sneezing, shaking her head, and wiping her beak on the ground and such every few minutes. I've heard a lot of bad things about chicks getting water down their nose... What can I do?
Since she is sneezing and shaking her head she will probably take care of the water that she got into her nose. Dry her off well, and add marbles to the waterer to prevent her from getting into it again. I hope you are using a 1 quart chick waterer, because there is a great risk of them drowning the first week of life. Open bowls are not good.
Thanks for your reply! I am using proper chick waterers (not bowls). She does seem to be doing better and has stopped sniffling =) paranoid chick momma here.

Also.. is clear "poo" normal..? i'm pretty sure all of the chicks have pooped a solid-ish poop so far, but sometimes they poop out fizzy clear liquid...

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