Day old duck with turned in foot..., do I splint?


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Feb 17, 2009
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I looked up foot problems , but can't find exactly what mine seems to have. His right foot is turned inward. Foot shaped normal , at base of foot, like our ankle, turned in. Also his hips seem to be really wide apart with foot turning inward to walk. Like his hip joints are 'out" and he is holding leg inward to balance.Other leg is straight. Seems to be opposite from 'spayed leg" that I find described.Everything seems shaped right. I have supplimented diet with these newborns (had 2 with neck, hunchback looking deformed, but improved dramatically over 24 hours. added thiamin and niacin enriched sprinkles, to their starter.)(from a bad incubation disaster group)


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Jan 3, 2010
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Have you checked in with duckyfromoz? I think she has seen this kind of thing. . . slipped tendon? Or would that be something different (really foggy-brained today).

You might consider a splint, just making very minor changes and gradually trying to encourage the foot to the standard position over time.

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