Day old duckling / week old chicks under hen?


Sep 26, 2020
Last monday (7/4) i had a hen hatch out 8 chicks. I have another hen sitting on 3 duck eggs that were due to hatch on this Wednesday (7/13). Well lo & behold I woke up today and one had hatched 2 days early. The other 2 have not pipped yet, tho they do look close. Should i leave the one duckling with mom and see if the others hatch out , or could i slip it under the other hen tonite and see if she takes it as one of hers with the 8 chicks ? Shes a real good mom.

Fwiw the day old
Duckling is same size as week old chicks, and i plan on taking the ducklings away from
Hens completely by 3-4 wks in. And integrate them to the ducks I currently have.
I would not slip it under the first hen. She has already imprinted on her chicks and would very likely kill the duckling as a 'stranger/intruder.'
Thats what I figured . Damn. Idk if the others are gona make it.. one cracked now and the other is odd color.


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1 she broke didnt hatch. Looks like it made it up to the day of that.. the dark one wasnt fertile. The one that did hatch she did a HORRIBLE job as a mom, would only protect it during day, come dusk she would leave it and try to go find more eggs to sit on. after 2 days of this, i took duckling from her. It didnt end up making it, had got pecked on eye since mom wasnt around. I had another thread about it.

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