day olds not eating as well as I expected


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Hi. Well, we just hatched our first chicks. 6/10 hatched (bantams). I am feeding them something I got from Murray McMurray, Chick-a-Go 20 Starter-Developer. It's little pellets. I've given it in a dish and spread it about the brooder, but nobody is wild about it. I cooked them up some egg and they went bonkers for it! Am I supposed to be soaking the starter in water for them or something? Can day old chicks really just eat those little pellets?

Otherwise they are great, except for 1 troublemaker, the firstborn. He's always shoving everybody around!
Not sure how big the pellets are but even some of the chick crumbles are to big for them to eat. You could just put it in a food processor and chop it up smaller or put some in a baggie and hit it with a hammer to crumble it up. I do that with the food for the button quail I hatched out.
TY.Yes, they are learning to stand and it's hilarious!

I may try taking out my aggressions on a ziploc bag of their pellets with a meat tenderizer though. I see they pick the little bits up but often can't seem to get them down.
I don't think they can eat pellets. I buy the kind that's almost a powder or the smallest crumb size. Even my egg layers won't eat the pellets unless I soak them. I also feed mine scrambled egg from hatch day till they are a few weeks old - good source of protein and all vitamins - just like that yolk sac they absorb. Mine have a little shark feeding frenzy if I start dropping tiny bits of scrambled egg in their box - it's every chick for itself.

So that the pellets don't go to waste, you can soak them - doesn't take much but a little misting and they disintegrate. I found that trying to smash them or put them in blender was just a lot of work.

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