Day three of sick bird not eating


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Patterson, New York
My silkie girl spent a night outdoors and two days later shut down, laying on ground, eyes closed. I have her indoors now, feeding by syringe gatorade/water with antibiotics every couple of hours, but no improvement beyond standing up and eyes open. No movement, no sign of interest in food or water. She fights the syringe so it's hard to administer. What else can I do? How long does it take for her to recuperate? How do I know how much antibiotics pulver to add to the water? I am afraid she's not getting enough perhaps, since she's not drinking on her own..
Scramble her an egg and force feed her. In a few days hopefully she will get her appetite back. Until then you are basically keeping her alive with liquids and food.

I have also used wet feed and force fed them.

Even a few pieces of cat food will give her needed protein.. good luck!

I use 1\\2 tsp. powdered antibiotic per half gallon of water as well as vitamins and electrolytes.
I don't know if you have access to it or not, but my vet gave me something called Critical Care. It's a pea soup green powder that you mix with water. It is for just what you are experiencing-birds that won't eat.
Might be a good idea to see if your vet has some of that.
Yes, that's her. How much of a scrambled egg do I need to get into her? She's fighting me hard and I am getting in slithereens at best..


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