Days Of Our Poultry, As The Egg Turns, One Omelette To Live.....


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
...... you get the picture. Thats how this whole egg envy ordeal thing is going at the moment for chicken acquisitions here. Just like a twisted soap opera.

First we were set to take some time, do research and get everything ready for day olds first couple weeks of april after the majority of the cold nights are gone and we had plenty of time to build a coop etc. Then we had a chance to get 40 1 year old RIR's & Buffs and that fell through last night (we were supposed to leave at 4 am today) after we made rush plans and built a "quick coop" and a 20x80 run out of unused dog kennel panels (i use to show Akitas and have 10 10x20 runs unused). Then this morning when i was just about done tearing down the "quick coop" and run my wife comes out and tells me to put it back together. I was like "Oh hell No!" Aint happening. Then she goes on to explain that she was listening to Tradio ( a local call in free classifieds program on Sunday mornings) and a guy called in selling fresh free range brown eggs. So she called him. At this point if i would have known she was doing that i would have said absolutely not I dont want to see another egg for years as i was a little ticked and disappointed along with my girls over the whole up and down ordeal!
Anyhow it turns out this gentleman breeds several breeds of "show" poultry and RIR's are one of them. Wife tells him what we just went through and evidently he has 10-12 maybe a few more RIR Pullets he Hatched last April that he will not be needing as they were not show quality but were laying eggs like crazy and offered them to my wife for $5.50 a piece. She said she would take them. So guess what i get to do now? I get to build another coop..... I just had a perfectly good coop and 3 hours ago...... I feel like i should be selling tickets to this show......
Yup!!...We hold an addiction meeting every third Wednesday of the month

I love it when I hatch out chicks and DH says where are we suppose to put these now?... Always need a quick coop!!!
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How do you think I ended up with 2 old pack 'n plays as brooders? LOL

I am trying to work out now what I have on hand for when the time comes that these goose eggs are to hatch.
Thats what I was hoping to do with my pack and play but....I'm going to be a Grandma again so that thought went down the'd much rather be a Grandma and just let DH figure out where to put chicks!!

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