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May 16, 2009
Okay, I am confused about this DE stuff. I read alot of BYC banter over this. I think I am good with using it....but

I bought some today and the guy at the feed store said it was feed grade NOT food grade. He said it was fine to go into their food. Can I give this to the chickens? Will it kill bugs? Is it good to use for the deep litter method?

Also read on here that water makes DE inactive...then how is suppose to help with worms or how is good for humans (speaking of just the food grade here) having water in the saliva?

sorry,Personal opinion, I would not trust anything that did not say FOOD GRADE. try googling custommilling or golden blend, they should have a rep close to you, but it's your decision, just gave you mine marrie
I buy my feed from the local co op and do not trust anything they say even tho they have been there as my DD says since dirt began. marrie
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The bag does say to put in their feed. It says it is an anti caking agent. Also it contains Calcium Ben-something.

It also says OMRI on it along with Red Lake as the manufacturer.

Still you wouldnt use?
If the phone number is on the package, call and ask them if its food grade , person opinion, no would probably work good on gardens, but I would keep my pets away from it.i also give it to my dogs and have taken teaspoon full in juice. If I can't eat it, neither do my animals. marrie

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