DE Question


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
The Dalles OR
Sorry I know there is a DE link in here some where about how much to put in feed, and dusting them I have been looking for it forever and I can not find it. I even did a search. I am sure it is me doing it wrong. I know someone can help me. I am getting my first bag of DE on Monday and want as much info as I can. Thankyou.
I cannot help you with your question but I would like to know where you found the DE. I cannot find it locally and my feed store has never heard of it.
I am sure someone can help you out with this. Maybe someone will send the link. Good Luck
I know for sure you can get it at Belle Farm Store in Morganton but that is a far piece from you. Check the custommilling website and make calls. That's how I found mine.

I use 1 lb per 50lbs of feed. Whatever is left in the bottom of the barrell when the feed it gone is tossed around the coop and run for to kill off bugs and such.
Thank you so much for finding that for me That is just what I was looking for!!!
you can also go to the top of this page and click on BYC Home and at the bottom of the page on the right is a search area. just type in de and it will take you to several areas in the forum that will help. also, BE SURE it is food grade.

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