De-Worming question.


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Feb 20, 2010
I bought this stuff called Wazine 17. And I had my kids with me so I obviously did not read the direction in the store. I did that at home. After I opened up the 13.00 dollar bottle. Anyway, at the bottom it says, "do not use in chickens producing eggs for human consumption". My question is (as stupid as it sounds): for real? Can I not eat the eggs at all? If not, is there a De-Worming product that I can use.
Also, how do you tell that chickens have worms in the first place? Just presume they do?

That's right - toss 'em for 2 weeks...then you are good to go. I guarantee this will be the best two weeks of egg laying though....
For years I have used roasted garlic with brown rice for 3 days to de worm ,my chickens. Use as needed. They burp garlic but it is natural and works!!!!!
5 cups of brown rice to 8 cups of filtered water, boil in a large pot for 45 mins. While you got this cooking I stuff my garlic roaster (I got thru ) with as many garlic heads as possible. I plug open spaces with individual cloves...I wet the ceramic ring with water, fill the garlic holder bowl with water --just enough water to fill the bottom, add the garlic heads- (remove dirt and loose skins first and dont cut) Make sure the top closes fully and press the button...WALLA done in 24 mins! DO NOT USE OIL!!!!!! it is not necessary--messy and can burn you. When cooled mash garlic and add to 1/2 of the rice. Divide into 3 servings and feed once a day for 3 days.
NOTE: You will have to cook more garlic for the rest of the rice unless you pick up 2 machines like I did. I love my garlic cookers! Best money I ever spent!
Keep in mind that wazine only treats for roundworms. Two weeks is the recommended withdrawel time.

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