Dead and wheezing chicks


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
I have 6 week olds doing well.We lost two and then a third one begin wheezing and doing poor.
also have some 3 week olds just running around and then with in two hours one fell dead ,then another one. Whats up ?
Also on med feed for two weeks
If they are having blood in the poop that is coccidiosis and they need to be on Corid liquid 2 tsp per gallon of water for 5-7 days. Corid is for cattle, but also used on chickens. Treat all of the birds at the same time.The wheezing may be a respiratory disease such as mycoplasma or infectious bronchitis. Watch for other symptoms such as eye and face swelling, nasal discharge, sneezing, and eye bubbles. An antibiotic such as Tylan may be needed if that occurs.
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I'm really new to chickens, too, only started in March on 2012. However, I did have some chickens that had a respiratory illness and after reading all the diseases that can stay with them as carriers, I called the USDA Dept. of Ag. They said I would have to sacrifice a chicken to test it for one of those diseases, because I didn't have any of my chickens die. My husband started treated them with antibiotics immediately. and they responded quickly. I love my chickens so much and it was hard but am glad I did it. The tests all came back neg.. for any of the carrier diseases.
so I'm really glad I did, because there is nothing better than peace of mind. I don't really know if I could have destroyed my whole flock if I would of had a positive test. But everything I've been reading including posts from BYC, say if they have mycoplasma, that you should in good conscenious , never sell a chicken to someone else because you could possibley sell them a carrier. Read up on the disease and make up your own mind.. Eggs would hatch improperly or won't hatch at all, etc. . Shortly after I joined NPIP, but have been a little disapointed because I thought they would test for all these diseases. They do for some, but I do pay attention where I get my chicks from now, Only NPIP flocks or hatcheries, even though at hatcheries they say you don't get the quality of chicken as you do from private breeders, but I have been very happy with my girls and since showing chickens doesn't interest me, I don't worry about it. Mine are healthy and great layers and seem to be pretty tough. But please, for your own peace of mind and the chickens I would have one of the wheezing ones tested. I don't know where you live, but In Ok. they didn't charge anything. They do, if you send in a bunch I guess, I'm not really sure, because there is a price list, but I wasn't charged anything. They will also pick up any dead chicken, within a day and test it. Sorry, I've been so windy
, but as I say on all my posts, everything I say is out of love for you and your animals
Make sure you quarantine them from the others if you have more.

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