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Jun 1, 2011
I recently got 6 leghorns and a bantam of a breed i dont know from TSC. Yesterday, my dogs killed the banny and one leghorn. (three are missing.) i want a new banny roo. it was black with a white stripe down its front. it looked like it had a shaved bottom when it was 2 weeks old. it looked like it had tiny speckles on its head.i am decently sure it had slate legs. it had a single comb that didn't flop over. i need an online site that will supply me with a mix and match option, a definite roo, and it would be nice if it was cheap. any suggestions? What is my banny? Thanks!
Sorry for you loss. Your bantam might have been an Silver Duckwing Old English Game bantam. When youngish they are black with a white stripe, have single combs, and black legs. Not sure about the head speckles. Do you have any pics from when he was alive?
sorry for your loss, same thinghappened tomy cousin and
I have a silver duckwing are pics at different ages up to 5 weeks...mine is a ROO too...I am sorry for your loss, hope the pics help ID

he looked like this. i don't have a close up of him, but these/this might help. it may be he only had the stripe when he was younger...

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There are many many birds that have a chipmonk stripe when they are young...and from that far off of a shot you cannot see the side, or top and hard to tell the color.....I am really sorry Iam not much help....Does he look at all like the pics I posted?
That chick would have feathered in pitch black so any bantam breed with a straight comb & black coloring should do it for you. The white would have disappeared when he got his adult feathers.
he looked a little like them. that may be it. he just had a black head and not so much the feather stripes at all. i'll see if i can find a site that sells black bantam roos and RIR pullets. thank you a lot! i am sure my two survivors will love having a new flock in a few weeks!

i have been looking around,and i saw that black andalusians look a lot like him. they come in a bantam variety. the thing is, andalusians are for the most part blue. breeding two blues will get me a 25% chance of a black. i can't find a common hatchery that does any color other than blue, oreven has it in bantams. i have been looking at true bantams, but they don't look like him. what to do!?!
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He wasn't an Andalusian. However, see if anyone sells black Old English Game Bantams which is what he might have been or call up a hatchery & ask if they can get you a black bantam cockerel that isn't a cochin (they are feather legged so they will look different to him) & see what breeds they offer you.

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