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  1. DianeS

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    Feb 28, 2010
    My oldest hen died today. She was approximately 21 months old. She was dead, in rigor, when I opened up the coop this morning. I'm sad.

    She'd been sick for a while, I posted here but none of the suggestions I got helped. All she was doing was walking around with her tail down instead of up, not laying any eggs, and losing weight even though she was eating normally. That went on for a month.

    Not egg bound. Pooping fine. Attitude fine. Color (comb, wattles, etc) fine. Crop fine. None of the other chickens had the same symptoms.

    So I'll keep an eye on the rest of the flock to see if they develop anything similar, but I'm guessing it was just her. Something genetic, maybe. Metabolic perhaps.

    I'll miss her.
  2. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    So sorry for your loss. These things happen sometimes.
  3. Miss Lydia

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    Sorry to hear about your hen....[​IMG]

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