Dead Chicken


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I came home today to find one of my girl's dead and pretty well eaten up. Only thing I think is that a hawk may have swooped in and injured her. Is it possible that my other gal's would have eaten her? She was really messed up bad. I don't see any signs of a predator getting in the run so it would only leave the other gal's to do the destruction. It would have happened in only an hour time frame. I have had other gal's injured by a hawk and no one has touched them, I've actually been able to nurse them back to health.

Outpost JWB

5 Years
Mar 31, 2014
How old are they? We had one day the pullet & cockrells @ 3 months old got very aggressive. They were in a chicken tractor, which we were getting ready to switch them out. They ate the entire butt areas off 3 of the chickens. There was blood everywhere. They had dumped their water & ate their food also. So, overcrowded, hungry &: thirsty. Bad combo. Usually a hawk will take it away with them.

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