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    Lost of my favourite hen this morning, which really sucks. She was 7/8 months old, seemed perfectly healthy except I noticed last night her comb had flopped over. Didn't seem like a big deal as it was quite long. Other then that I didn't notice ANY other symptoms but I've been sick all week so not spending as much time with the chickens.

    Found her dead on her roost. Checked her over, everything looks really healthy. Nice weight, no bumps or bruises, her vent even looks ready to lay more eggs [​IMG].

    My only concern is that I lost another chicken late last week. The chicken this morning was a nice healthy dual-purpose hen, the chicken last week was a rather unthrifty red-star who had been struggling for a few weeks. The red star didn't look very healthy, and I was actually going to axe her until I put it off until the next day & she was dead in the morning.

    Any ideas?
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    I'm sorry. [​IMG] I don't know what happend but I will bump you up to get some more help.
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    You're right to be concerned. If you still have the red star or the other, it might be a good idea to take them in for a necropsy to see if they had something contagious for the rest of the flock.

    Until then, if it were me, I'd start some vitamins and make sure the rest have a bit of a nutritional boost to help them if they get sick.

    Good luck
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    It might wise to visually inspect your other birds for lice/mites. Check inside their coop at night with a flashlight for mites crawling around. Worms could be an issue as well.

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