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    Im not sure how to deal with ground in the run area. We have the coop on the grass area and there is a bare area that is usually moist. (Its washington it rains a lot) So The ground is getting a bit yucky. I have used the hose and power nozzle in the past to kind of wash the poop and debris away but I am wondering if I should put down something in that area. We are renting so I dont want to put a lot of cost into something I will have to remove and trash when we leave. I also just put together a tractor (the pcv part) to move them about on nice days this may lessen the amount of manure in that area. I only have 3 chickens. So what should I do??? If I do hose it off its usually in the evening just before dark, I shoo them into the coop and wash it down so its not completely soaked in the morning when they go out.

    Heres a photo

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    You could use triple sifted pine, corn cob bedding, or do like the golfers do and make a sand seed mixture and put it in the area after you move the tractor.
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    I'd put down a layer of sand and call it good
    Washing it down with a hose just assures nothing will grow back until you stop

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