Dealing with things when the grass is all gone??

dulcimer lady

9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
Our coop and run are pretty much permanent fixures in a permanent spot. Not like a tractor that can be moved from spot to spot. My flock has been in their area for about three weeks now and just as I expected for that time frame, the grass is all but gone in the area. This morning I sprinkled DE in the run and some in the coop. I didn't know what amount to use, so I just basically gave everything a good sprinkle. You could see the white of the DE, but you could still see the ground below it as well. I think I need to put some more in the coop.

There isn't a bad smell, as a matter of fact, the inside of my coop has a nice sweet smell from the pine bedding. But today for the first time I did notice an increase in insect activity. I found some spots where I will be able to hang some fly strips (in spots where I don't think they will be glaringly obvious) where we won't get tangled in them and neither will the chickens.

But now that there is much more dirt than grass - and since over time even that small amount of grass will be gone - is there anything else I can do to keep the ground of the run safe, neat, and sanitary for my flock?
My run is plain ol' North Carolina red clay dirt. It had grass for about 2 weeks when we first built the run but not since.

When it comes to using DE, I just fling it. Whatever is in the area is gonna get a dusting be it roosts, nestboxes, chickens, even the dog! There is usually a pretty good bit. I use the deep litter method so after fling the DE, I fling a bit of scratch. The girls do the "fluffing" for me.

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