death by aspiration?


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Feb 26, 2008
Armuchee, GA
I have been treating a hen for what I thought was prolapse. Her vent looked swollen and just alittle prolapse that was red. Her abdominal area/belly was swollen too and I felt around gently for perhaps a unlaid egg. Nothing was felt but her belly was still very swollen. I had been treating her vent with witch hazel and prep H after a nice warm soak of warm soapy water. Both of which she tolerated well and it looked somewhat better but her belly was still full. I also had her isolated in a nice cage, water/feed and this was in a nice cool DARK tack room. I did this to avoid her attempting to lay any eggs. She was calm and not disturbed by anyone. This morning however, I laid her on her back to administer her treatment to her vent and fluid started coming out of her mouth. In a matter of minutes she was dead. That quick, dead. After thinking about this for a few minutes, I opened her up to see if indeed she was a internal layer. No eggs, no nothing except a huge amount of fluid in her abdominal cavity. It was clear yellowish in color. But it was a very large amount. Any ideas on what actually killed her and what caused this accumulation of fluids?
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Aspiration is he inhalation of fluid into the lungs. Your bird has ascites not aspiration, meaning fluid in the abdominal cavity. If fluid came out of her mouth right before death as well, that means her sympathetic nervous system (the involuntary part) was keeping excess fluid (pleural edema) that was building up inside her lungs down. She was very near death before the fluid showed itself, and her system relaxed enough and it flowed out. Usually fluid in both cavities is related to heart disease.

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