Decided to make my first coop


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May 24, 2015
Monterey Bay
One thing though, the "ideal" spot for the coop is on top of concrete part of our yard. The dirt and grass in our backyard has very limited real estate with planter boxes does anyone have any experience with this? What could I do if that was my only option to build for the ground?


Mar 31, 2015
Antigonish County, NS
You should be fine to build it on the concrete slab, put down a few inches of hay bedding or wood shavings, this will always give them something to forage through and take the dampness out of the concrete. If its possible build a run that would go out on to a grass area. This will give them space to go outside where they like to dig up worms and bugs and dig holes to dust bath in! Make sure there is lots and lots of ventilation in our coop. Gable vents, windows, roof vents, whatever you can put it, chickens give off lots of moisture. Hope this helps and good luck. Post some pics of the new coop!

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