Decided where to put the coop.. Question?


11 Years
Sep 26, 2008
NW Ohio
Well we decided to put the coop in our semi-fenced area behind our pool house. We will obviously fence it in better as the time approaches. But that is the decided place. We do not store chemicals back there and the pump would be outside the chicken area.

My question has to do with the ground behind the building. It is pretty steeply slopped. We have a flat area where we will put the coop, but then the fenced area goes down hill. We had thought about putting all our yard and hedge clippings, plus any raked leaves or pine needles back there to kind of mulch it down. My thought is that this will kill weeds and any other plant life growing back there so we won't have to cut grass. Also, it was my thought that it should encourage insects in the area... yummy for the chickies, yes or no?

Last question, we have banana plants in this area. Any idea if they are poisonous or not for the chickens? They are so gorgeous around our pool. I won't be getting rid of them. But we could put them outside of the fence if we had to do so.
Do you have any pics?
The only picture I could find of the area had me in the middle of it 7 months preggo with twins in a bathing suit. I am not brave enough to post that to strangers
Beached whale is a vast understatement

Here is a picture of what our banana plants look like. These aren't ours, but are the same type of plant.
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