Deciding on the Brinsea 20 Eco Manual?


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Jan 17, 2009
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I want to get an incubator to hatch a variety of eggs from quails to geese eggs. I want something that is going to be reliable. I have heard bad things about Styrofoam incubators and I used to have a LG that didn't work well. I'd like to get a small incubator that takes care of a lot of the work. I want to buy the Brinsea 20 Eco Manual. I know the Mini Advanced would do the job but I don't want to rule out goose eggs. I'd love the 20 Eco but can't afford the auto turner. I wouldn't mind turning it to the side a couple times a day myself though. Will not having the auto turner make a big difference if I'm reliable with the manual turning? I guess what I want to hear is peoples personal experiences with it as a manual. I want to make sure it's legit and I'm not going to be frustrated or disappointed, Also I read that it doesn't come with a hydrometer. What's the best kind for a good price? I have a thermometer/hydrometer from walmart but I don't know if it's a good one.
Oh and bonus question. Is it safe to ship hatching eggs in the fall? Winter? I'm going to be hopefully be purchasing the incubator on the beginning of the month and I'd like to have the first set of eggs arrive around the same time.
I know nothing of incubators, but I have experience shipping/receiving delicate/live packages (fish/shrimp/aquatic plants) in the cold and hot months. If you (or the person mailing to you) drop of a package at the post office, it will not normally sit outside where it is exposed to the temperatures until it reaches it destination. At that point, it all depends on whether it's going/coming to an outdoor mailbox, a doorstep, an indoor post-box, etc... It also depends on whether someone will be available to receive the package right away or if it's gonna sit from delivery time in the AM until someone gets home late form work, etc... But as far as the postal service goes, your package does not generally get exposed to the extremes during transit.
That is good to know that the eggs won't be exposed to the elements much. I will be right there waiting for the mail, like I am any day. I just hope I'm making a good choice with the Brinsea hexagon 20 eco.

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