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May 5, 2015
Like I mentioned in my "new here" introduction, my husband and I going home to the country and want to get a few back yard birds. We are on the fence between ducks and chickens, or maybe both, but I know we want a Christmas goose that would just be a temporary resident each year. We're not thinking more than 5-6 birds at any one time.

Hi there! Hubby and I have just bought a new house with a 16x16 deck off the back. We really don't need the storage because we have a huge garage and a garden shed as well, so I've just had this idea of converting this underneath space to our coop. I'm envisioning a floor plan sort of like this:

I know ventilation is key as with all coops but especially this one, since we've got living space above it. We are going to put a ceiling fan on the top level so that will also help move air down and out instead of any smell coming up.

There is a rain barrel off the left corner behind that bush, and I think I can rig it for a continuous water supply.

I know I will need to wire it all well to keep my sweeties safe from raccoon paws.

Other than these things, is there anything I am missing? {now that I look at it again, I would probably be fine to just cut the space in half and have 8x16 coop and 8x16 storage/other}


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Apr 26, 2015
Looks good. I've never had a coop near the house so I don't know much about the smell but I'd definitely use a perch over shelf with pdz. But since you only plan on having a few birds I guess it is not necessary.


May 5, 2015
I've just read the ventilation page and I think I've got that in the bag but now what concerns me in insulation in the winter. We are zone 7a, so it's not terribly frigid (like Canada) but I am sure it would be a bit drafty. Ideas?

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Dec 6, 2012
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. I've just had this idea of converting this underneath space to our coop.
Your proposal may work fine. Personally I would build a coop or tractor that would fit under the deck but would be able to move in case unforeseen issues should arise. Hope what ever you decide works out for you.
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