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    Sep 15, 2009
    I lost 5 of my chickens~I went a way for the day, and they were free ranging.

    I suspect dogs, as bodies were left and some of my other chickens are missing tail feathers, so catch, kill, and go after another makes sense.

    After reading thru other posts tonight I learned the SSS method. If I ever see another dog on my property, that is the way he (they) will be dealt with.

    My real question is...I think one of the five may have attempted to get away by going underneath a shed. The smell...well, horrendous is mild. I can't get to it (and at this point 3 days later in 110 degree heat, nor do I want to) How long til it decomposes? It wasn't the biggest one, which was a cochin, nor was it a bantam, maybe 6 pounds....any ideas or suggestions?

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    I can't give you a guesstimate but I can say that it will be much faster in these temps than if the weather were cooler. Give it another few days and I think the smell will have diminished quite a bit. Sorry you had this experience.
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    You can throw some agricultural lime under there to help with the smell, it is gonna take a few days for the strong smell to be gone then you will catch smells of it every now and then unless something gets it out from under there like a possum or dog..

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