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    Jun 11, 2009
    I want to turn our dining room into another tv/kid room etc.
    This is our homes layout.
    Older cape style. 3 bedroom house, kids bedrooms upstairs and our bedroom (us being the parents) downstairs off the kitchen and living room.
    1 full bathroom upstairs.
    off the kitchen is our dining room.
    The kitchen has a pantry, which at one time was the kids small space playroom. Worked very well, except the kids wanted their toys in every room.
    so i have converted the pantry back to its origanl purpse.
    our basement still as rock walls, so it cant be used for a living space at all.
    its a one car garage.
    i love our house very much, we have been renovating new walls , outlets etc. everything brand new. But i have noticed we still need more space. rather than adding on. i look to the dining room, which is pretty (walls not new tho, this is our very last room to finish) i look to this room and want to make it more of a tv/room etc.
    i have a large hutch in their already, thats going to stay.
    We have a dining room table , the leaves fold over (its called hitchcock furniture) and i put that to the corner of the room for now.
    Our style is all hitchcock furniture. i have a buffet in their, to which i placed a tv for movies for my kids.
    i have taken our hitchcock bench (placed 2 pillows) and covered the whole thing with a brown blanket. kinda to resemble a couch.
    Should i just buy a couch then? i have started to look and they are expensive. The one i want is beige in color and from raymour and flanagan store. i would like to have just a loveseat in their. but the price is like 600.00 so the husband says no. too much money right now. i also have a nice area rug( we have origianl hardwood floors) and a rocking chair and small table. Besides a large tote full of all the kids toys. i also have a rack for jackets on oneside of the room. and kinda a musical section, that has a music stand for my violin and my kids musical instruments. it just feels very cramed. [​IMG]:th
    What am i missing that should be in there? i really like the space already.
    so after all that being said, has anybody else done this too? if so do you have pics?[​IMG] i am going to see if i can upload a picture to give some idears?
    you see we rarely use the dining room table, and it seems like just a wasted room. i hope this makes sense.[​IMG] any input is certaintly appriciated.
    please excuse the terrible spelling. [​IMG]


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