Decorating with Chickens!


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
SE OK ~ Farris/Antlers
I really would like to decorate my kitchen in a country/chicken motif.
Do any of you have a chicken kitchen? I would love to see pictures!

Do you have any ideas for how I can incorporate chickens and roosters?

We are planning to redo our cabinets a natural wood color, our counter tops a neutral beige with brownish flecks and our flooring with maybe a bit of color like slate greens and blues. We are eyeballing a beautiful copper-looking back splash that we want to extend to all of our walls between cabinets and counters.


9 Years
Nov 12, 2010
Baltimore, MD
I have not done this yet but it is something i also want to do in my kitchen. I move into my first house soon...over the years i have a have picked up random chicken themed objects for my kitchen.

That i have seen, most of the objects are rooster themed (dishtowels, etc) and have a red/gold theme. I am thinking darker red (almost cherry cabinets). Still playing around with details in my head though...

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