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    I would like to share this with everyone! I have started making these cool little egg ornaments.
    What they are is a real chicken egg, hollowed out, cleaned and then the inside decorated with a little scene. The outside is sealed to make it stronger. Since Christmas is inching closer, I would like to let everyone know that I am selling these. They are $5 each and I can customize them for whatever you like.
    Here are some examples:

    This is the front of one, it has flowers a little garden..

    And here is a side view to give you an idea of what they are like...

    This one has a little tiny farmers market scene on the inside..

    For the Dog Lovers....

    A little snow scene with deer...

    And a cute little outer space egg...with a martian..

    I can use one of my eggs or you can send me your own. I can do large eggs as well as bantam eggs. I haven't had 100% success with hollowing out the eggs without breaking them so if you decide to send your own you may want to send 2

    If you are interested in having one please PM me and let me know what you would like. These make cute little ornaments for "chicken people" [​IMG]
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