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Jul 10, 2013
I have a couple Silkie hens that have dug very deep holes in their coop (one even had a hard time getting out of it this morning). I live in Michigan but I don't think it's cold enough outside yet for them to be cold at night. The oldest ones are about 5 months old and haven't started laying yet. Is this behavior telling me they are about to start laying? Thanks!
Are they digging holes for dust bathing? Parts of my yard look like a moonscape from the chickens digging holes for that.
Hmm I don't know. They dust themselves plenty out in their little yard. Inside the coop I have straw then pine shavings so I'm not sure what they would dust themselves in.
I built a dust box for my chickens. It's ~2ftx4ft and 10 inches deep. I put a mixture of sand, peat moss and potting soil in it. They use it everyday. I started off sprinkling a little scratch in it to begin with to entice them to use it. If you look athe pic you can see it in the run
Thank you for the posts. The last 2 days I've had eggs from those 2 chickens so I guess they were just making nests (since the eggs were inside them).
Congratulations! on the first eggs, sounds like your girls went to a lot of work to arrange things to their satisfaction. Silkies do seem to like to do things their own way.

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