Deep in the Forest RP-RP of forest animals

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    Hi! This is going to be a RP of animals that live in the forest.Just think of anything that lives in the forest.
    Fighting is okay but try to keep to a low minimum
    Don't go into specifics about breeding...just say "Breed"
    PM me if you want to join
    Thats it! Have fun!!

    About the animal:
    BYC User:

    Name: Sara
    Species: Whitetail Doe
    Personality: Sweet, gentle loves her daughter Josaphine
    About the animal: Has one daughter
    Other: Husband was killed by a hunter:(:(
    Byc User: Toro
    Pic: [​IMG]

    Name: Josaphine
    Species: Whitetail Fawn
    Personality: Sweet, outgoing, likes to resolve fights and be peoples friends
    About the animal: Can soften anyones heart, can make anyone love her(in a friendly way)
    Other: ADORABLE
    Byc User: Toro

    Name: Lykaon
    Species: White wolf
    Personality: Wisest animal in the forest, keeps to himself, loves his son, Faolan, kind and gentle when encountered, dangerous when angered
    About the animal: Has a son, wife disappeared one night and never came back, lives in a cave on the east side of the forest
    Other: King of the Forest, mysterious(no one really knows much about him besides what is shown here)
    Byc User: Toro

    Name: Faolan
    Species: White wolf cub
    Personality: Playful, loves his father, likes to make friends
    About the animal: Father is King of the Forest, best friends with Josaphine
    Other: Prince of the forest
    BYC User: Toro

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